These first two were made by my grandma, probably in the late 30's-early 40's.
Nine patch and dresdan plate. She liked to quilt using heavy black thread and large stitches.
Below, a comforter made by my friend Laura. The  squares were cut from my mother's old polyester pant suits that she wore in the late 60's - early 70's.

Laura is 91, and currently makes a comforter like this almost every week  to send for relief victims.
A Pinwheel variation I made for my daughter's dorm bunk.
Mini Crazy Ann - Hitty sized
I'm still piecing this one. It's a Dahlia pattern made from vintage 1960's fabrics.
I just found the perfect backing and sashing at a rummage sale last week, so I may need to get this one out and work on it  some more soon! It will be a full-sized quilt.
Still piecing this one too. Double wedding ring from vintage 30's-40's fabrics. It will be backed with a solid white vintage sheet.
Below are some quilts I've made
Petal Applique from 30's scraps - Barbie Doll sized
Spinning Pinwheel from 30's scraps - Barbie Doll sized
Memory Photo quilt made for some friends as a wedding gift.